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DRIVE. PLAY. SLEEP. is the story of every band you've never heard of. Filmed on the road at bars, coffee shops, house shows, and various other venues, this authentic documentary provides a first person view into the lives of full-time touring bands and the daily struggles they encounter, capturing the public moments, private breakdowns, and wild stories when the music stops and the stage is empty. This is a music documentary like none other.

"The film captures the reality of life on the road: It's exhausting, goofy, surreal, exhilarating, soul-crushing and occasionally life-threatening."

- Michael Hamad, Hartford Courant

"An embrace of the lives of independent touring musicians that shares the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, this is a must see for anyone in a DIY band or anyone who breathes music."

- Jeannie Blue,

"Eric and Elizabeth are naturals on camera, and you may find yourself wishing they were your best friends by the time the film is over."

- Ryan Gurnett,